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Marrakech Rouge Hostels have a variety of private apartments and villas in Marrakech and Essaouira. Comfortable, cosy and decorated in traditional artisana, these are great places for groups of friends or a couple seeking a private, homely space. They will give you a real sense of living in the city, rather than travelling through it. Not only that, but should you be passing by any of Marrakech Rouge Hostels whilst in the medina do drop in for a free cup of tea and slice of cake, or do a cookery class and take part in evening dinner events before going back to your very own bolthole. Essentially, you will be part of a hostel community, but without having to share with anyone else!




Sometimes it is good to get a bit of privacy with your own front door, and a medina apartment is a great option. Feeling like you are a resident rather than a tourist can give you a much deeper understanding of the city that you are in. All our apartments are furnished with traditional Moroccan design and are comfortable colourful places to stay. Apartments can accommodate up to 8 people.

If you fancy dipping into the medina rather than living in it, why not try out an apartment in Gueliz. Gueliz is the new town of Marrakech and still within easy walking distance to the main square and markets. It is a great area to base yourself if you are looking for some Marrakech nightlife as it is the area where you will find the majority of bars and clubs.. The apartments are modern and spacious and can accommodate up to 8 people. One of them is even opposite the famous Comptoir Restaurant in exclusive Hivernage

About 20km from the centre of Marrakech lies the Palmeraie. It has desert like surroundings and large scatterings of palm trees and camels grazing. It is also home to some fabulous villas. A little extravagant, a little indulgent - and completely worth it. Have a desert experience in the city! Renting a villa is a great option if you are a group celebrating something special. Transport to the medina available upon request